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Quantum Northwest's Peltier-Controlled Cuvette Holders
designed for interfacing with most standard spectrometers

Analytik, leading suppliers of innovative analytical instrumentation, announce the UK and Ireland availability of the Peltier-controlled cuvette holders and custom instrumentation from Quantum Northwest.

Analytik have been appointed as the exclusive UK and Ireland distributors of Quantum Northwest's Peltier-controlled cuvette holders and custom instrumentation. The Quantum Northwest products are designed to fit various spectrometers from world famous brands such as Agilent Technologies, Shimadzu, Horiba Scientific, Applied Photophysics, Edinburgh Instruments, ISS, PicoQuant and PTI. Illustrated here is the qpod 2e, a temperature-controlled sample compartment for fiber optic spectroscopy. Quantum Northwest frequently mounts a qpod 2e™ in a larger enclosure and surrounds it with various optical components, power supplies, pumps and electronics. Thus, a truly custom prototype spectrometer can be provided at very low cost.

Peltier technology is used to provide rapid and precise temperature control from -30 °C to +110 °C. The system is calibrated using a NIST traceable thermometer. The user may control magnetic stirring speeds and apply a dry gas purge to the system. Four optical ports surround the cuvette holder. A wide variety of optics and accessories are available that may be inserted into these ports. These include collimating lenses, imaging lenses, spherical mirrors and holders for optical probes such as fiber bundles or Raman probes. There are also accessories for direct excitation using external light sources. This versatile system may be used for absorbance, fluorescence and other spectroscopies.

Speaking about the new arrangement, Quantum Northwest CIO Jeanne Small said "Quantum Northwest is pleased to partner with Analytik to offer spectroscopy labs in UK and Ireland the very best in Peltier-controlled cuvette holders for a variety of spectrometers. Analytik's knowledge of the bench spectroscopy lab work done in their region, and their ability to suggest where Peltier-control will be most valuable, made Analytik our first choice of a distributor in the UK/Ireland. Quantum Northwest's extensive selection of spectrometer accessories for Cary and Agilent instruments is ideal for Analytik's markets. We look forward to a bright future with Analytik's sales team and customers."

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New ASD FieldSpec 4 High Resolution
NG portable spectroradiometer is now available

ASD's new FieldSpec 4 High Resolution NG portable spectroradiometer is now available from Analytik. This is designed to meet the specifications of NASA's next generation of airborne visible/infrared imaging spectrometer.

AVIRISng is an acronym for the Airborne Visible InfraRed Imaging Spectrometer - Next Generation. It has been developed by government laboratories in the USA, NASA and JPL, to provide continued access to high signal-to-noise ratio imaging spectroscopy measurements in the solar reflected spectral range. To complement this, ASD have introduced their FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res NG system to provide the optimal resolution match for the best possible relationship to AVIRISng. The spectral resolution achievable is now 6 nm.

The new FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res NG spectroradiometer provides enhanced spectral resolution to support accurate calibration and image classification analysis with the next generation high spectral resolution hyperspectral sensors. Higher resolution hyperspectral sensors yield greater precision for remote sensing classification applications, producing more information from every pixel generated in an image than ever before. In order to take advantage of the full potential of these next generation sensors, measurements from ground based instrumentation need to meet or exceed the sensor's spectral resolution. In the absence of this resolution equality, data is interpolated during post processing and vital spectral information can be smoothed and lost.

The enhanced spectral resolution of the FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res NG meets the rigorous demands of the next generation hyperspectral imaging systems such as AVRISng and HySpex ODIN-1024.

In addition to superior spectral resolution, the FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res NG, like all ASD spectroradiometers, incorporates fast scanning gratings and graded index InGaAs photodiode SWIR detectors to provide the smallest available spectral sampling interval in a field portable device with 1,875 measured wavelengths over the full 350 nm to 2,500 nm spectral range, ensuring detection of even the most subtle spectral features. This combination of high spectral resolution and small spectral sampling interval provides superior performance when accuracy really matters.

The higher resolution of the FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res NG will be useful for many additional applications for both contact measurements and non-contact measurements including mineral mining, studying soils properties and agricultural land/canopy mapping.

Speaking about the new generation FieldSpec 4 product, Analytik product specialist, Hiran Vegad, says "the new FieldSpec 4 is the 'catch-all-super' spectroradiometer that covers contact and non-contact measurements of all previous ASD spectroradiometers and spectrometers. The exceptional speed, sensitivity, ruggedness, portability and superior spectral quality of the FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res NG, now with higher resolution, provides the ultimate instrument opening the door for many Visible/NIR applications that previously were not possible with one instrument."

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