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Delta Fan/Pump Vector Control Drive
CP2000 Series for Multi-Pump Solutions

Delta has expanded its extensive line of AC motor drives with the CP2000 Series, which is designed for the intelligent control of air blowers, water pumps, and other HVAC or general-purpose motor applications. The CP2000 is available in a wide range of 230V and 460V models, supporting AC motors with power outputs ranging from 0.75 to 400 kW. All models come with a modular design and hot-swappable components, fulfilling easy maintenance and expansion needs. An operating range of 50°C ambient temperature and special PCB coating make the CP2000 tolerant to challenging environment conditions, and compliance with CE, UL, and cUL standards make it predictable and very safe to operate. The quick set parameters and an onboard text panel with TP Editor software makes the drive especially user-friendly.

Delta Multi-Pump Solutions
Delta´s Multi-Pump Solutions adopt the CP2000 Series and manage up to four pumps simultaneously. In HVAC applications, the Sensorless Vector Control (SVC) function of the CP2000 Series automatically adjusts motor output based on changing torque conditions, improving motor performance, reducing energy consumption, and extending service life. This auto-tuning capability also eliminates vibration in mechanical systems caused by sudden starts and stops, and provides protection in variable load environments where momentary power loss or variable loads are encountered.

This solution also employs a PLC capable of 10,000 individual program steps and equipped with a PID control for energy-efficient circulation in either differential or constant pressure modes, making it an ideal choice for both distributed and independent control. Pressure control mode is also available.

In emergency situations, the DMPS automatically enters into fire mode to proactively manage smoke levels and internal air pressure. There is a calendar function that supports daylight savings time and other chronological On/Off requirements, a self-diagnosis function to protect important components, sleep/wake capability, and a wide number of high-speed communication interfaces, including ProfiBUS-DP, Ethernet-IP, DeviceNet, and MODBUS TCP, all are supported with built-in MODBUS and BACnet protocols.

The system provides user configurable software, which offers remote connectivity via Delta´s VidaGridTM cloud service, and can be managed with Windows, Android, or iOS operating systems.

Delta in profile
Delta, founded in 1971, is a global leader in power and thermal management solutions. Our mission statement, »To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow,» focuses our role in addressing key environmental issues such as global climate change. As an energy-saving solutions provider with core competencies in power electronics and in innovative research and development, Delta's businesses encompass Power Electronics, Energy Management, and Smart Green Life. Delta has sales offices worldwide with manufacturing facilities and R&D centres in Taiwan, China, USA, Europe, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, India, Mexico and Brazil.

Throughout its history, Delta has received many global awards and recognition for its business milestones, innovative technology and corporate social responsibility. Since 2011, Delta has been selected as a member of the prestigious Dow Jones SustainabilityTM World Index (DJSI World) for 4 consecutive years. In 2014, Delta was ranked at the highest A-level of the Climate Performance Leadership Index (CPLI) of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), and it was the only company from Greater China to be named to the CPLI from nearly 2,000 listed companies.

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