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In a special ceremony held during October 2016, biotech company, ibidi GmbH, received their top "Science Category" award from this year's country-wide contest, "Deutschland - Land der Ideen 2016". Their collaborative project, "ibidi - Analysis of Living Cells", helps answer the question of how various industries can benefit from collaboration in the field of medical research, and was rewarded for positively reflecting the contest's theme of companies and organizations teaming together to solve current social, medical, and economic problems.

How does a cell react to a certain drug? How do tumor cells move? In order to develop new therapies against widespread diseases, such as cancer or Alzheimer's, it is essential to culture cells in the laboratory. ibidi's joint creation of patented, polymer coverslips offer optimal growth conditions, because their surfaces simulate the structure of an organ by using the help of tiny grids at the nanometer level. These light-transmissive cell biochips were developed by physicists, chemists, biologists, and engineers, and they are perfectly suited for high-resolution microscopic assays.

Dr. Roman Zantl, President and Head of R&D at ibidi, commented on the award: "We are very proud to be recognized as one of the 'Awarded Places in the Land of Ideas'. This award strengthens and encourages our young team to continue to fundamentally contribute to the fight against cancer and other widespread diseases. We are also happy to highlight the additional benefits of working together with partners towards a common goal."

This year, the initiative, "Deutschland - Land der Ideen" and the Deutsche Bank have used their competition, "Ausgezeichnete Orte im Land der Ideen" to reward ideas and projects that use the potential of community, cooperation, and networking. By doing this, they hope to find solutions for present and future social challenges. "The world is moving closer together-perceived and in reality. This also means: We are all neighbors. Therefore, the motto of this year's competition affects us all. It is about engagement, and therefore, about community as a model for success," explains Maria Henritzi, from the Deutsche Bank.

An expert jury of scientists, economy managers, journalists, and politicians, together with a six-person consulting committee, selected ibidi's entry from more than 1,000 applicants. As Maria Henritzi handed the prize to Dr. Valentin Kahl and Dr. Roman Zantl, CEO and President of ibidi, she pointed out, "The success of ibidi especially does this: It creates confidence-confidence to also work together in other research areas, and to strengthen the sustainability of our country by working hard together."

ibidi GmbH in profile
ibidi® GmbH, located in Martinsried near Munich, Germany, is a leading supplier of functional, cell-based assays, and products for cell microscopy. ibidi's range of products offers solutions for classic cell culturing, and also complex assays (e.g., angiogenesis, chemotaxis, and wound healing). Their products help facilitate an understanding of the development of various diseases and related therapies. Technology development at ibidi is supported by the BMBF (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung) and the BayTP (Bayerisches Technologieförderungs-Programm) .ibidi's customers are working in scientific institutions, industrial pharmacology, and biotechnology. The products are sold to customers worldwide.

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