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Scientific Laboratory Supplies awarded Primary
UK distribution of Seward's Insterprep sterile media

Seward Ltd, manufacturers of the renowned Stomacher® blender and creators of the Insterprep® range of instantly soluble sterile media, has teamed up with Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS) as their primary distribution partner for Insterprep in the UK.

Insterprep is a new range of pre-weighed, sterile, granulated media available in Stomacher® bags or sachets. Designed to speed up and simplify sample preparation for microbiological analysis of food samples, Insterprep media bags combine the media preparation and sample preparation steps into one single process.

Seward has been able to leverage off the culture media experience and quality controls of one the world's leading microbiology brands, HiMedia Laboratories, to create Insterprep (Instant Sterile Preparation). By working closely with media experts HiMedia Laboratories, Seward developed the Insterprep range to help laboratories cut waste, increase capacity and respond to varying workflow requirements. Manufactured to ISO standards, Insterprep has been tested and proven independently by the world renowned Leatherhead Food Research Agency.

Lee Jenkins, Supply Development Manager at SLS, says: "UK food testing laboratories are under constant pressure to reduce costs, reduce contamination risks and ease laboratory workflow. SLS is committed to finding solutions that help our customers achieve this; Seward's Insterprep range can provide our customers with real benefits to alleviate workflow pressures while maintaining performance requirements."

Dan Crothers, Managing Director of Seward, concludes: "As the largest independent British-owned supplier of scientific equipment, we are delighted to be working with SLS to bring Insterprep sterile media to the UK market. Not only does Insterprep minimise waste by having just the right amount of sterile media required for each sample, but it also eliminates contamination risk, weighing errors and laboratory bottlenecks often caused by batch media preparation. Insterprep sterile media gives laboratories the flexibility to respond to today's workflow challenges."

Scientific Laboratory Supplies in profile
SLS first began trading in 1991 and has grown to become the UK's largest independent supplier of laboratory equipment, chemicals and consumables. Headquartered in Nottingham, the company operates a warehousing, technical storage and logistics service across the UK and in over 70 international territories. SLS works closely with leading international industry brands such as Sigma Aldrich, Becton Dickinson, Eppendorf, GE Whatman, Scilabware, Corning, Lonza and Roche. Customers include universities, colleges and secondary schools, commercial research and government scientific laboratories.

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Seward Limited in profile
Seward manufactures the world leading range of Stomacher® paddle blenders and Stomacher® accessories used in sample preparation for microbiological analyses. The company has been manufacturing and developing the world renown and patented Stomacher® Lab Blender for 40 years. The original and still regarded as the best, over 8 million food samples a day are prepared on Stomacher® 400 paddle blender units around the world.

In addition to sample preparation for food safety analyses, within the bioscience market the new developments of the Stomacher® 80 and micro 80 are proving invaluable for safe and efficient sample processing. The Stomacher® 3500 has established itself as the instrument of choice for preparing samples for the new pathogen test protocols requiring jumbo size samples.

Recently, in association with prepared culture media company HiMedia, Seward introduced a brand new product range. Insterprep® is a range of instantly solubl
e, sterile, granulated media specifically designed to speed up and simplify sample preparation for microbiological analysis. Insterprep® granulated media bags and sachets can bring down preparation times to as low as one minute or less.

The company is based in Worthing, West Sussex, UK with subsidiaries in the USA and Singapore. All Seward machine products are manufactured within the UK and 1 of its 3 worldwide Stomacher® bag manufacturing operations is also UK-based. This ensures control of quality and price to deliver excellent value to global trading partners and laboratory customers.

Seward Limited continues to develop the product range, now with 3 patents to its credit.  Stomacher® is the most highly referenced brand name in food safety and life science sample preparation in scientific publications. The company also assists customers with method development through reference searches and sample evaluations within its own development laboratory.

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